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Published on 07/13/2006 4:06 pm   (Last Updated 07/14/2006 1:58 pm)
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Grill and Chill
By Lightning Striker and the Diving Headers
The squad of traveling supporters of the 1st Minnesota Volunteers have returned from Germany and will bring some of their favorite food stuffs to the table.
German Bratwurst and Corn Cob on a Stick
Hanging Grill, Fan Fest, Hamburg Germany

Of course grilled sausages made up much of the food fare available to the traveling supporters.

Hanging Grills were a frequent sight at the food tents located in many of the Fan Fest locations.

Kramarczuk's sausages from Northeast Minneapolis are a favorite, and their storefront has at least a dozen different types to satisfy any palate.

If you are concerned about the heat, grill up some shrimps and then ice them down and serve with cocktail sauce.

Corn on the cob, soak with husk on in bag of water for about ten minutes, then remove and drain a bit of water from husk and place on hot grill for seven minutes a side.  Remove from grill, and strip small part husk a bit and then hold corn by the stipped tasel bits.  Butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Join us for good food, friends and footy at the Jimmy.

Lightning Striker is Blue Sky Soccer's tailgate specialist, in addition to being a player, fan and referee. He may be reached at

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