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Published on 03/24/2007 9:24 am   (Last Updated 03/26/2007 5:56 am)
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Intra-Squad night
By Gus Hall Jr
Roster and notes from The Intra-Squad match. This now annual scrimmage usually marks the Eve of the teams pre-season training. Most of these players will not be on the teams roster this season, but they all want to be, and this is one of their last shots to earn a call into that pre-season camp.

Roster Thunder White:

G-John Dierkheising 

M-King Cooper 

M-Jason Alicea

F-Dale Weiler

M-Lencho Skibba

D-Derek Smith

D-Kevin Friedland

D-Moussa Toure

F-Leo Gibson

D-Brian Pederson

Roster Thunder Blue:

G-Joe Warren

M-Craig Mallace

F-Geoffrey Meyers

M-Saah Johnson

D-Alfredo Esteves


D-Jared Ashe

M-Jeremiah Bass

D-Andrew Weily

D-Chucky Peale 

F-Zorbah Jones


Along with the 5 signed players that participated in the nights event, Sasha Gotsmonav, Godfrey Tenoff, and Nick Platter were also in attendance. 

When Amos was introducing all the players he had a few things to say about each one.  The most surprising/interesting introduction was for Craig Mallace who was introduced as the "newest member of the team".  Later in the evening it was found out that nothing was official with Craig yet.

Kevin Taylor, a player that was with the team out in Madison was in attendance but was nursing an injury he suffered in practice.  

The team has a new trainer by the name of Kelly Flynn. 

While El Disco recovers from his injury John Dierkheising will be the back-up keeper. 

New signing Derek Smith looked very strong and should add good experience to the back line.

Nearly every player went straight for the big bags of ice as soon as the final whistle blew, letting us observers know just how brutal a playing surface they had just encountered.

Forward Leo Gibson has looked really powerful and confident in the two indoor events so far. He did leave this match early after tweaking a foot or ankle. It did not appear to be serious.

Kevin Freedland looks to have fully recovered from his hernia surgery and is ready to go. He also had off-season elbow surgery to repair a break he suffered "5-10 years ago and had never noticed till it started hurting quite badly this winter."

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