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Published on 05/01/2008 4:01 pm   (Last Updated 05/01/2008 4:01 pm)
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The Boss Examines & Ponders - A Short Q & A With Coach Magee
By Bruce McGuire
Blue Sky Soccer Staff
Minneapolis (May 01, 2008) -- Minnesota Thunder Head Coach Amos Magee took a few minutes this week to look back at last weekends season opening games on the road in Portland & Vancouver, and looks ahead to the first game of the new year in St Paul.

Five questions posed to the coach via email:

BSS: On a scale of 0-10 how did you feel about the first 2 games?

AM: I felt like a 6.  We played some very good soccer and got a result but there are many things still to work on.

BSS: Getting 3 points from those 2 games was a good outcome, right?

AM: It was certainly a good outcome but we played well enough in Portland to get a result.  That said, we'll definitely take the three points and hope that that road trip will turn into 4 points and then 6 points as we get into the season, and more on the same page.

Can you tell us 1 thing from those games that really pleased you.

AM: I was very pleased in our attitude throughout the weekend and our willingness to battle for each other.

Can you tell us 1 thing from those games that really disappointed you.

AM: I thought we ran out of ideas when we got into the attacking third.  We need to do a better job of getting behind organized defenses and that's been one of our focuses this week in training.

Give us something to look forward to at the home opener this Sunday.

AM: Rochester has added several outstanding attacking players (Salles, Guppy, Fitzpatrick) and it'll be a real challenge for us to deny scoring oportunities.  We also want to build on the momentum from the weekend and establish a winning mentality at James Griffin.

The Thunder start the home portion of their season this Sunday May 4th at James Griffin Stadium - I94 & Lexington. Kick off against Rochester is at 5pm. Be there several hours early to enjoy some hardcore tailgating festivities.

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