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Published on 05/23/2008 6:03 am   (Last Updated 05/23/2008 12:20 pm)
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NSC Stadium Construction Update
By Andy Wattenhofer and Brian Quarstad
Thunder general manager Djorn Buchholz has given us an update, including a picture, of progress at the NSC.
This is a view of the contruction that was taken on Tuesday, May 20. The next one shows the projected boundary of the field once it is completely moved toward the stands.

 Here is what he had to say:

When the game kicks off this Saturday, the sand will be up to grade and ready for irrigation next week.

Stadium Field installation:

  1. Removal of the asphalt track surface and demolition of concrete footings - completed in 6 days.
  2. Removal of 10 inches of class five and sands - completed in first 6 days.
  3. Unexpected repairs to the storm water collection basin - completed over three days.
  4. Sub grade ready for drain tile pipe system - completed in one day.
  5. Install drain tile piping - 20% complete in one day. (scheduled this week)
  6. Place 4 inches of choker sand - 10% complete. (scheduled this week)
  7. Place 10 inches of new athletic field sand - South end complete, west not started. (scheduled this week)
  8. Then we install irrigation - scheduled next week.
  9. Then we install thick cut sod - scheduled week of June 1st, weather permitting.
Assuming the surveyor standing at the lower left corner was holding a survey marker for the field edge, and using some creative measuring, the field edge will be where the white line is. The team benches and the sidelines will be further to the right.
According to Buchholz, the surveyor standing at the lower left corner was holding a survey marker for the touch-line of the field. Grass will go all the way to the wall and benches will be between the touchline and wall, to the left of the white liine.

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