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Published on 08/16/2008 2:15 pm   (Last Updated 08/16/2008 2:15 pm)
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Rochester Rhinos Penalized, Thunder Benefits
USL News Release
Tampa, Fla. (August 15, 2008) -- United Soccer Leagues issued the Rochester Rhinos a deduction of one point in the 2008 USL First Division standings and an undisclosed fine on Friday for the use of an ineligible player. Additionally, Andrew Gregor will serve a suspension for the game against the Thunder on August 13.

The infraction occurred when the Rochester Rhinos player Andrew Gregor did not serve a one game suspension scheduled for August 10 versus the Puerto Rico Islanders for the accumulation of five yellow cards. Gregor received his fifth caution August 3, and according to USL disciplinary procedures was required to serve his suspension on the seventh day upon reaching the plateau.

In addition to the penalties assessed for the ineligible player infraction, Gregor's suspension has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 16 versus the Minnesota Thunder.

The penalties were originally issued to the Rhinos on Tuesday, August 12. On Wednesday, the Rhinos appealed the penalties on the grounds that Gregor had served the suspension in the prior match played August 8 versus Puerto Rico. Upon appeal, the penalties were sustained.

Chronological Timeline of Andrew Gregor Suspension & Appeal

August 3: Andrew Gregor receives fifth caution of 2008 USL-1 season
August 5: Andrew Gregor one-game suspension scheduled for August 10 vs Puerto Rico
August 8: Andrew Gregor was not rostered at Puerto Rico
August 10: Andrew Gregor participates in match vs Puerto Rico
August 12: Penalties assessed (including new August 13 Andrew Gregor suspension date) for failure to observe scheduled suspension
August 13: Appeal filed regarding penalties assessed on August 12.
August 15: Appeal heard. Penalties sustained and issued.

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