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Published on 06/23/2004 7:46 pm   (Last Updated 06/23/2004 8:34 pm)
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Two more Milwaukee games
By Matthew Whatever

After a tough loss to Portland, Minnesota hopes to rebound against border rival Milwaukee Wave United. The matches will be a Friday/Saturday home and away series, with Saturdays game being the home match.

There isn't much to say about Milwaukee thus far this season. A good example of their 1-1-7 season would be last weekends road trip out East. The road trip was a Friday/Saturday road trip, a must for every A-league team. Friday night they took on Virginia Beach in a match that was rain delayed until 10:15 ET; the score ended 5-2 in favor of Virginia Beach. On their way to Richmond to face Saturday nights opponent the bus broke down leaving them stranded for 3 hours. Richmond would beat the Wave that night 2-0.

A few games ago the Wave United signed Jamar Beasley; famous for being Demarcus Beasley's brother, in hopes of reviving the club. Thus far the team has yet to pull itself out of a five game losing streak.

Minnesota fans may get a chance to see newly signed Thunder, David Castellanos, in the Milwaukee game Saturday. Casstellanos a 6-1 forward was recently released by the Colorado Rapids and will provide some needed height up front.

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