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Published on 08/31/2004 8:13 pm   (Last Updated 08/31/2004 8:18 pm)
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2004 Playoffs
By matthew whatever

With five road games remaining in the 2004 season the Thunder sat teetering on the line between going and not going to the playoffs.

Thunder faithful gathered at their computer screens this past two weeks listening to web casts of the game or surfing around endless chat boards and soccer sites hoping to find the one site that was first tothe results from the road games. The fans were not let down by the thunder and now enter a two game total goal series. The Thunder, 3rd in the West, face 2nd place finishers, Vancouver Whitecaps. The first game kicks off Friday night at Swangard Stadium in Vancouver. The second leg of the series will be Sunday, Sept. 6, 6pm at the Jimmy.

The regular season match-up between the two teams was a tie at 2-2, with a goal differential of 5-5. Neither team pulled off a road victory against the other. With what seems to be typical in Whitecap/Thunder regular season meetings, not a single game saw a winning margin of more than one. Of course the Thunder will be without three of the five players who have scored on Vancouver. Marshall Morehead who scored in the first meeting against Vancouver was let go by the team and Melvin Tarley and Johnny Menyongar have national team duties this weekend against Zambia.

Last time the two teams met in the play-offs was the year 2000. The teams meet in the quarterfinals in what some fans have called the teams greatest comeback. Losing the first leg in Vancouver, Minnesota returned home trailing 3-0 and needing 4 goals to win. Morgan Zeba would score the 4th in the 94th minute of overtime.

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