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Published on 08/29/2007 11:39 am   (Last Updated 08/29/2007 11:39 am)
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Weiler Named To 1st Division Team Of The Week
(August 28, 2007) -- After playing a great game despite losing 2-3 to Atlanta last Saturday, Minnesota Thunder midfielder Dale Weiler was named to the USL First Division Team of the Week.

The reason given for Weiler's inclusion on the team was "Assist in 3-2 loss to Atlanta".

Our congrats go out to Dale.

The rest of the Team of the Week looked like this:

G Chris Eylander  Seattle  Two shutout wins over Atlanta, Charleston

D Justin Thompson  Portland  Goal in 1-0 win over Charleston

D David Hayes  Atlanta  Goal in 3-2 win at Minnesota

D Marco Velez  Puerto Rico  Led team in 1-0 win over Portland

D Taylor Graham  Seattle  Goal, led team to two shutout wins

M Jeff Clarke  Vancouver  Goal in 1-0 win over Charleston

M Andrew Gregor  Portland  Goal, assist in 2-1 win at Miami

M Kupono Low  Carolina  Goal in 1-0 win over Montreal

M Leighton O'Brien  Seattle  Assist in 3-0 win over Atlanta

F Charles Gbeke  Montreal  Goal, assist in 2-0 win at Rochester

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