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Published on 01/16/2008 1:13 pm   (Last Updated 01/16/2008 1:13 pm)
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Very late kudos to 2007 Award Winners
By Big Z. No the other Big Z.
Procrastinators' Weekly
St. Paul, MN -- Recapping the BlueSkySoccer Awards Winners from 2007.

At a gathering that seems to grow in size each year, the 2007 fans awards were given out to the following deserving recipients:


2007 Thunder Player of the Year: Nic Platter: The Goalkeeper kept us in many, many games last year.

2007 Thunder Newcomer of the Year: Brian Farber: Faster than the ball and leading the team in scoring.

2007 Lightning Player of the Year: Caroline Smith: Leading from the front again this year.

2007 Lightning Newcomer of the Year: Ann Gleason: Stepping in without batting an eye.

2007 Buzz Lagos Award for Lifetime Achievement: Liz Schorn - Unofficial photographer and friendly physio.

2007 Jackass of the Year: Kevin "KJ" Joseph: Winner of the inaugural Bobble-ass award. 

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