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Published on 03/28/2008 4:02 pm   (Last Updated 03/30/2008 12:38 pm)
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Minnesota Thunder Unveil New Logos
By Brian Quarstad
Saint Paul MN -- The MN Thunder unveiled their new logos for the Thunder and Lightning soccer teams, at a party held at the Happy Gnome, a bar and restaurant in the redeveloped Selby-Dale area. The unveiling on Wed. March 26th, was the culmination of a very long rebranding process that the Thunder have been working on since coming under new ownership last September.

The party started with appetizers and an open bar. Fans, sponsors, players, staff and media mingled until the unveiling ceremony which was led by Peter Johns, Marketing Director for the Thunder. Also speaking were Thunder head coach, Amos Magee, President of the Thunder, Manny Lagos, and new co-owner of the Thunder and St. Paul native, Dean Johnson.

Magee emphasized his excitement for the season with the new acquisitions and all the positive energy at the Thunder front office. Amos said that the off-sesaon work by the players was the highest he's every seen while being with the Thunder.

Dean Johnson talked about the teams desire to be, “A team of consequence”. He also said that he doesn't want the Thunder to depart from their past but to, “Take the team and launch it towards a new era”. He believes the new logo will help to do exactly that.

After the unveiling and a thunderous round of approval from the audience, Johns introduced a Thunder and Lightning player wearing the new team uniforms and colors. The uniforms continue to be Adidas brand, but since the team colors have changed slightly for the Thunder, so have the uniforms. The primary color is now a darker blue, over the traditional royal blue.

Also, both teams have new sponsors. On the women's side, CW TV is now the official sponsor of the Lightning. Johns briefly mentioned that the CW would be partnering with the Thunder to help with television production of some Lightning games.

For the Thunder, Nestle Nutrition is sponsoring the team this year along with Bremer Banks who continue there partnership with the Thunder.

It was also announced that on April 15th we will see the first advertisement of the new ad campaign using the just released logo with a bare chested Derek Smith juggling a soccer ball on his head. This ad will appear in Metro Magazine. Soon after, we'll start to see television, radio and print ads appear according to Johns. He also said that one of the television shoots, done by a NJ agency, had Alen Marcina, new forward for the Thunder, doing the same thing over and over for 6 straight hours and had nothing but praise for Marcina. Johns has seen some roughs of the ad and said they look great and he’s excited about the final product which should be hitting the TV market soon.

When General Manager Djorn Bucholz and Johns had previously been asked about the logo design, they said that the Lightning logo was pretty much a go with the first version that was presented to them by Capsule design agency. But the Thunder logo had to go through many revisions before everyone felt that they finally had the right formula.

At the end of the event, Thunder players handed out lapel pins with the new team logo. 

A photo album of the event can be seen here.

Brian Quarstad writes for Blue Sky and for Craven Cottage Newsround, A Fulham Football Club blog. He may be contacted by sending an email to

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