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Published on 04/23/2008 12:16 pm   (Last Updated 04/23/2008 12:16 pm)
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Announcing the 2008 Thunder Supporters Scarf
By Andy Wattenhofer
We forgot to show this sooner due to an oversight, but here is the design that was sent to the manufacturer for the 2008 supporters scarf.
The 2008 Thunder Supporters Scarf

The design incorporates the main theme from the top vote getting design, submitted by "SH." Elements from the other top vote-getters were also included. Thunder supporter Joe put it all together for us. Click on the image at left for an enlarged version.

The scarves are expected to arrive in the Thunder offices around the time of the home opener on May 4. The will be distributed by Thunder staff to supporters season ticket holders at that time.

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Apr 25, 2008
Scarfs for Houston

Any word on how a Dark Cloud in Houston can order one yet?

May 01, 2008

The first shipment of scarves is set to arrive next week, the week after the home opener.

Matt, the Thunder will have the entire stock of scarves, and I think they will put them for sale on their site. Let me check with them. If you read this, send me an email at

May 01, 2008
for sale

Djorn at the Thunder just informed me that the scarves will be available on their site as soon as they arrive. Good news for Houston DC's!

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