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Published on 06/30/2008 12:10 pm   (Last Updated 06/30/2008 12:10 pm)
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Minnesota at Puerto Rico (6.29.08)
By E. Erickson
Islanders defeat the Thunder for the second game in a row, 3 -1. Match Report for Minnesota at Puerto Rico, 6.29.08.

Puerto Rico vs. Minnesota
    3    -    1    
Date:            Venue:
06.29.2008            Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium
Attendance:            Referee:
3,428            J. Gontarek

  Puerto Rico Minnesota
Goals : 3 1
Shots : 6 5
Saves : 3 3
Corners : 3 4
Offsides : 6 0
Fouls : 13 11
Most Fouls : Steele (3)
Atieno (3)
deRoux (3)
Yellow Cards : 4 1
Red Cards : 0 0
Scorers :
Hansen (Steele) 28’
Gbandi (Delgado) 56’
Steele (Cabrero) 81’
Moojen (Greenfield) 86’



Puerto Rico

 M Delgado, Noah  76'

Gbandi, Sandy  82'
M Miranda, Edwin
M Steele, Jonathan
D Arrieta, Cristian  85'
D Henry, Nigel
D Jones, Scott
D Krause, John
F Atieno, Taiwo (Tai)  74'
F Hansen, Josh  62'
GK Gaudette, Bill

M Cabrero, Andres  76'
M Telesford, Osei  62'
D Ortiz, Rafael (Mime)  85'
D Rivera, Alexis (Pasa)  82'
F Delgado, Alberto (Cuba)  74'
F Jagdeosingh, Kendall
GK Myers, Justin





M Barron, Andrew  68'

M Bass, Jeremiah
M Dombrowski, Tighe  79'
M deRoux, Stephen
D Friedland, Kevin
D Greenfield, Jonathan
D Moran, Paul
D Taylor, Kevin
F Paye, Aaron
 F Tarley, Duncan (Melvin)
GK Platter, Nicolas

M Gibson, Leo
M Gonzalez, Luis  68'
D Arango, Andres
F Marcina, Alen
F Moojen, Frederico  79'
GK Vanoekel, James



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