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Published on 07/12/2008 6:12 pm   (Last Updated 07/13/2008 11:40 am)
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Carolina at Minnesota 7.11.08
By E. Erickson
Minnesota's new stadium debut started out with some great play by the Thunder and an early goal from Dale Weiler. Carolina would equalize on a penalty kick and take the lead 2 - 1 before the end of the first half. Then the sever weather rolled in. After a long delay the second half was underway and the Thunder were able to equalize with a goal in the 80th minute from Moojen.

Minnesota Vs. Carolina
    2    -    2    
Date:          Venue:
07.11.2008          National Sports Center
Attendance:          Referee:
3,372          n/a

Goals :22
Shots :145
Saves :23
Corners :61
Offsides :52
Fouls :911
Most Fouls :Moojen (3)Nunez (4)
Yellow Cards :Platter 31'Lemons 11'
Antoniuk 24'
Nunez 63', 64'
Red Cards :0Nunez 64'
Scorers :
Weiler (Moojen) 7’
Tarley 80'
Nunez (PK) 26'
Fusilier (Diallo) 31'

Starting lines to come . . .

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Jul 20, 2012

@MistfulRain the 47 of today just pitched the Twins 5th no-hitter vs.White Sox but you still got to have great repcest of the 47 in this video he's a native Minnesotan the 1991 world seris mvp plus new works with the Twins Radio Team GO JACK MORRIS!!!

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