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Published on 07/15/2008 9:14 am   (Last Updated 07/17/2008 3:58 am)
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Samuel Eto'o denies rumors of Uzbekistan transfer
By Brian Quarstad
Blaine Minnesota (July 15, 2008) -- In an exclusive interview with Blue Sky Soccer, Samuel Eto'o denies rumors of a transfer to Uzbekistan side, Kuruvchi.
Samuel Eto'o
Eto'o conducts clinic with youth team at Schwans USA Cup tournament


Samuel Eto'o has said that the rumors of Kuruvchi, a Uzbekistan side that was claiming that they had come to terms with the Cameroon international, are not true.  Barcelona, his club team, has been said to be anxious to unload Eto'o.

Kurucvhi's sporting director Bajtoer Babauev had previously stated, "Eto'o will arrive in Tashkent on Thursday and will sign a contract with our club, at least up  until the end of 2008."

But he told Blue Sky Soccer that he is on his way to Uzbekistan to coach some youth teams, "No!, I'm just going back to train a kids team for a friend. Much like I am doing here (at Schawn's USA Cup), and they just made it a bigger deal."

The prolific forward was also asked what it meant to his fellow Africans, to finally have the World Cup on their continent. "We are very proud. It's finally come to our turf and people are recognizing that African football is growing. We hope that everyone who comes to the World Cup enjoys it as much as we are enjoying it since we've been nominated."

When asked about the mood of the fans at Barcelona, with the arrival of a new manager and several big named players set to leave the club, he said, "I have no idea? I haven't been in Barcelona since the season ended."

Brian Quarstad writes for Blue Sky and for Craven Cottage Newsround, A Fulham Football Club blog. He may be contacted by sending an email to

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