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BQ talks to Thunder coach Amos Magee about Tuesday night's US Open Cup 2nd round match versus Cleveland City Stars. more
By Brian Quarstad
Tue, Jun 24, 2008
The Thunder has released a poster for the upcoming Burnley FC match. more
Mon, Jun 23, 2008
St. Paul MN (June 11, 2008) -- The Minnesota Thunder will have a press conference on Thursday June 12, 2008, and will state that the team is starting a Developmental Academy. Blue Sky Soccer has been give a copy of the press release that you can find here in an earlier article. So what does this mean, and how does this change things in the scope of youth soccer in Minnesota? more
By Brian Quarstad
Wed, Jun 11, 2008
St. Paul MN (June 12, 2008) -- more
MN Thunder press release
Wed, Jun 11, 2008
Stealing Your Thunder!

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