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MN Thunder Cheers

Glory, Glory Minnesota (sung to "Battle Hymm of the Republic" chorus)
Glory, Glory Minnesota (x2)
Glory, Glory Minnesooo-ta
And the Blues go marching

Take Me Home (sung to "Take Me Home Country Road" chorus)
Take me home, Thunder Road
To the place, that I belong
To “The Jimmy,” to watch the Thunder
Take me home, Thunder Road
*Note: have to substitute “Jimmy” with new stadium name

Aaron Paye (sung to "Robon Hood's Song")
Aaron Paye, Aaron Paye, Runnin’ down the wing,
Aaron Paye, Aaron Paye, crosses like a king,
Feared by the Reds, Loved by the Blues,
Aaron Paye, Aaron Paye, Aaron Paye

Doh-Grey-Mi (sung to "Do-Re-Mi")
DOH! We need to hit the stands
GREY- the hue of Dark Cloud skies
MI-a Hamm, a goal score babe
FAR- we’ll go to see our boys
SO- let’s sing and cheer real loud
LA- La, La, La, La-La
TEA- forget it we’ve got beer
And that’s why we all stand here!

Format: lyrics, song sung to, (if not obvious)situation

Note: If no longer used throw it in the “Retirement” page please.

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